Board Member

Mirte Mallory


Bikeshare System Affiliation(s):


Why is being a board member of NABSA important to you?

Bikesharing is a young, relatively small, and quickly evolving industry. We need to share knowledge and best practices and maintain professional and ethical business standards such that the bikeshare movement can continue to prosper and facilitate more people riding bikes. NABSA plays a vital role in bringing together the industry’s various sectors by providing a forum for open and informed discourse. As a Board Member, I am committed to NABSA being the convening body and resource expert in providing education and opportunities for business enhancement and growth to all players in the industry.

What experience or insight do you bring to your position on the board?

As bikeshare continues to prove its effectiveness as a complementary mode of transit, it has become an expectation in mid-large sized cities. As technology evolves and the cost of implementation decreases, one of the next frontiers for bikeshare is smaller communities. I am honored to be the NABSA voice of, and advocate for, these smaller jurisdictions and programs. I hope that my experience as the founder and operator a regional bikeshare system in communities of under 3,000 people can be valuable resource to other communities to implement and effectively manage bikeshare systems. Bikeshare is not a one size fits all approach and each system must be designed to resonate within the needs and goals and resources of the community.